June 28, 2019

Silly question maybe but I happen to believe it’s a valid topic that needs to be addressed, not because I’m bitter that it has (in some way) re-defined how people perceive Makeup but because it’s redefining what people think a “makeup artist” is.  I’ll confess I find most of the postings really intriguing and very creative but what I’ve noticed most of all is that we’ve become obsessed with “one trick ponies” that have become superstars because they have treated us to a makeup trick that frankly has been around since makeup started being applied but have been reintroduced (term

used loosely) on social media as a new discovery and these Social Media “influencers” are not crediting their inspiration and or source.  One example (there are many) is “contouring”...

There are certain moments in life that require special attention, such as your Wedding Day, so why would you do your own makeup? Photographs will be there to remind you of the could have-beens, such as in the case of Pippa Middleton’s makeup.

The press focused on the “lovely” understated makeup Pippa so frugally applied herself, comparing it to her usual heavy black eyeliner, excessive self-tanning, and anything else that would pull the reader away from noticing how underwhelming the makeup on the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge actually was for the wedding of the year!

"The bridal industry money machine wants to sell you the latest “trending” fantasies, but remember, they will desperately reach for ways to have comfortable profit margins at your expense....

Gold Rush

Another look designed by Carlos Palma as part of the SS/2018 fashion show for Innovations X, a show highlighting Indian designers at London Fashion week 

Here the look has been translated into a more wearable version.  It was created by mixing Gold Dust from Inglot with Duraline (Inglot as well) to achieve a cream/liquid consistency, the inner eye is lined with black kohl pencil.  Lips are left natural with a small amount of nude lip stick applied.

Hair/makeup and photography by Carlos Palma

Pink is the Word

Carlos Palma created this look for the Innovations X fashion show SS/2018

It is inspired by the traditional Geisha look and brought to a modern setting with a more wearable approach.

Hair/makeup and photography by Carlos Palma

There is a lot happening in the world of fashion and beauty. Have a look around Social Media and you will find a minefield of endless ideas to explore, and depending what Influencer or brand takes it on, will decipher whether the look will hit the pages of magazines, social media, catwalks, beauty campaigns and glamorous women’s faces all around the world.

One look that is holding its longevity in the world of beauty is the Rose Gold trend. Whether it is applied in a monochrome fashion, as a mere swipe across the eye lid, as a highlighter or even hair colour – Rose Gold makeup done right is Red Carpet worthy, which in the ordinary Gina’s world means special occasion makeup. Dare I say, it would rock for a Bridal Party.

Of course, Rose Gold fash...

AW/2017 Trend

Glossy Red Lip

Must be in a strong/dark colour Keep the rest of the makeup really simple and only consider a bit of a natural shimmer eyeshadow on the eyes.

You could say fake eye lashes are here to stay. With the continual reemergence of this popular trend, more companies are filling the gap in the market with an array of new eye lash products and raising the bar. Whether you are looking for natural or exaggerated lashes, they are out there.

This season’s catwalks witnessed the return of the Dolly Lash (clumpy) and the Twiggy lash. For this image, we used fake lashes on the bottom lash line, then just curled and thickly coated the top lashes with black mascara.

If you cannot locate bottom lashes then opt for shorter top ones. When using lashes on the bottom always be sure to place them under your natural lashes, curving downwards of course. Your natural lashes must be on top of the false set.

Vintage and Retro glamour has always inspired current trendsetters, often iconic stars of eras gone by whose striking beauty, trendsetting style and tabloid reputations kept generations intrigued and on their toes anticipating the next paparazzi photograph of their favourite stars. Ladies mimicked their looks and the way they carried themselves and spoke, often aspiring to live

their more than sensational lives.

Hollywood vixens such as Marilyn Monroe embodied perfect red carpet qualities and all eyes were on her.Andy Warhol’s mod muse Edie Sedgwick inspired a generation of baby boomers with her playful waif looks, and drew public interest in fashion and beauty away from the curvier role models of the previous era.

Across the Atlantic, and...

Here are some of our tried and tested brands and tips to bring summer radiance to your complexion

The overcast British summers rarely lend an opportunity for basking in the sunshine, but when the sun does come out in all its glory, we tend to over do it only to end up with the traditional Brit on holiday “Lobster” look. There are ways of course, of achieving a fresh sun-kissed look without damaging the delicate surface of the skin with clever products that can be incorporated into our beauty routines to outwit the British summer for a sexy “fresh from the beach” glow.

Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 £29.50

Recommended for normal to dry skin types, this popular tinted moisturiser balances out redness and uneven skin tones for a natural nude fi...

I took the time to drill Celebrity Hair and Makeup artist, Carlos Palma for the ins and out of getting your wedding day hair and make up on point, and making it happen seamlessly.

He often receives calls from brides at the very last minute, and by this he means 2 to 3 months before the wedding. At this stage of planning, most of the budget has been distributed with little funds left to cover hair and makeup artist fees. A real dilemma for such an important day when all eyes are on the bride.

You are the star of the spectacle. Your wedding day may be one of the biggest and most documented moments of your lifetime, a celebration of eternal devotion and love for your groom, so of course you want to make a lasting impression.

As the focal point of the celebration,...

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